Saturday, 10 January 2009

Work in Progress

Heres the pen work of a new piece ive been working on, just the ink work so far. its based on 'The Deep One' a character from a short story by Neil Gaiman in the book 'Smoke and Mirrors', the story's called 'Only the End of the World Again' which in turn is based in H.P Lovecrafts mythology (just in case you were wondering). I had two diffrent outcomes in mind when i outlined this image, the final pen work sits somewhere between both my initial ideas.

I work primarily in ink, i do a fair bit of all digital work to as it often is easier to implement but my main love in hand drawn line work and ink illustration. my big challenge at the moment is combining to two, ive got a couple of other ideas in the works at the moment. a couple of patterns, some prints that need printing, and a seriealised web comic, all in the works.

Im returning to huddersfield this week as ive been home with my parents over christmas. ive got all sorts to sort out. then London!

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  1. That's nice - I like that!

    Let me know when yr site is up - would like to see more of yr work. Cheers.