Thursday, 19 March 2009

Sticks and Stones

I've just started adding cultural updates about sweet stuff over on my freind Robert loeber's awsome magazine/blog Sticks and Stones. It's totally varied, covering films, music, art a little bit of street sports and most importantly artist ventures by people we know and enjoy. Its great really as it's a chance to add a huge range of great content that isn't suitable for this blog, which is purely for just artwork and the occasional new development from me.

I'll be doing a couple of post's a week over there, all kinds of things and people. it'll be fantastic, probably.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

These are two of my favourite images from my submission for the CTRL,ALT,SHIFT creative brief, part of YCN's 08/09 awards. each poster has a pretty unique feel to it, but theyre tied together through the strong graphic colour and composition. im pretty happy with them, theyre simple but theyre good i think they fit the what CTRL,ALT,SHIFT. will be looking for.
there are a total of ten posters, each with its own unique number and supporting information. each poster relates in some fashion to the three themes of : AIDS/HIV, womens equallity and rights, and children effected by war (particulalrly child soldiers). some of the images dont attually contain images directly relating to that at all but are designed to be eye catching and draw someone in to looking a little deeper into their meaning and information. most though, stick to the message.
you can see the whole series either at:

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


I've just been invited to join the creative network Behance you can find more of my work there, including a few peice not included on my blog due to their age, as well as a few work in progress peices yet to form into a final image.

it seems like a pretty professional looking network and i hope its useful, as im really still experimenting with what works and what doesn't in terms of an 'Online' presence.