Friday, 3 April 2009

Crystal Cave

Finally got this done, i dont really know where i got the idea for this from. the colours really came together when i finished it. happy with this one.

Where Boys Fear to Tread

I drew this girl the other day, inspired by Silversun pickup's song "Future Foe Scenarios". its 80's style teen-angst meets punk/horror colours. im attually suprised how happy i am with it. i'll be doing more, or at least using the style again.

Also i noticed the girl looks kinda like Triana Orpheus, from the awsome Venture Bro's one of my favourite programs

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Invisible Wolves

Here is a new CD Cover illustration ive work on over the week, its fairly simple in design. im pretty happy with the colours i hope they come out in print ok, theyre all quite dark so i think they will, i got a little carried away with the presentation, but i think it demonstrates the intended purpose pretty well.

Kresh reffers to the wolves of Lord Foul the despiser in Stephen Donaldson's novel series 'The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant' which i have been wading through for the past 2 weeks, theyre pretty awsome and really brutal compared to many similar books. im attually pretty happy with this, the 3 wolves look ok, and the purple edges make them look pretty maleovent. they're pretty low on detail, but i think that keeps it simple. Click for a better look.