Thursday, 29 January 2009

Modern Classics

I mentioned these already on everyones favourite new site for blabbing Twitter.
But i felt Olly Moss's Video Game Classics series are so beautiful they deserved a mention here.
he says he's doing a series of nine to screen print, hes done 4 so far, theyre such a simple idea, its awsome.

you can go see them Here

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Two Whole bottles of Wine!

Keith Floyd proving alcoholism is the route to success

...theres some nonsense about rugby in there as well but mostly its booze, sun and fish.

Physics of the Impossible

Hi, So lately ive got lots of bits in the works, but little finished. mmm plus ive built up a Huge backlog of things to start working on, so in a week i expect i'll be able to hose down this site with new arts.


The above is a patch of my new pattern, its not 'quite' perfect, but its still pretty fun, its got an octopus and a shark on it, but youve probably seen that already. yeah?
Erm anyway ive been reading this book over the week
its pretty interesting, its one of those books with an engimatic picture of the author on the back cover thats just a little bit off-putting, like he's grinning at you.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

New In.

New work's here, just finished today.
my stew is burning,
(thats not a euphamism for something else, im making a stew.)

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Work in Progress

Heres the pen work of a new piece ive been working on, just the ink work so far. its based on 'The Deep One' a character from a short story by Neil Gaiman in the book 'Smoke and Mirrors', the story's called 'Only the End of the World Again' which in turn is based in H.P Lovecrafts mythology (just in case you were wondering). I had two diffrent outcomes in mind when i outlined this image, the final pen work sits somewhere between both my initial ideas.

I work primarily in ink, i do a fair bit of all digital work to as it often is easier to implement but my main love in hand drawn line work and ink illustration. my big challenge at the moment is combining to two, ive got a couple of other ideas in the works at the moment. a couple of patterns, some prints that need printing, and a seriealised web comic, all in the works.

Im returning to huddersfield this week as ive been home with my parents over christmas. ive got all sorts to sort out. then London!

Fever Ray New

I was shown this today, completely incredible music video from Fever Ray, Theyre a swedish group who used to be known as The Knife. this blows my mind. The cinematography is to die for.

If I Had A Heart from Fever Ray on Vimeo.

Update: mmm it seems a little odd that the video wont display in the post, im probably doing something wrong.

About Me!

So i should introduce myself.

My name is Andrew Swingler, im a resent university graduate. ive been creating artwork since just after the beginning of the universe. i currently live mostly in the huddersfield area of England, UK. im currently establishing a website but in the mean time ive set up this little blog, i'll add new artwork regularly as well as write about stuff. interesting stuff i promise.
i'll add more information when it occurs to me...

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to my new blog!
Here's the first of many images, and writings about me Andrew Swingler, Illustrator/Designer/Human.This should be a regular type thing. I started this blog litterally 3 Days ago on wordpress, but looking through my subscriptions on Bloglines I quickly noticed basicly all my favourite artists and blog do'ers were using Blogger, it made more sense to try it there instead.
I hope ive made the right decision, until i gather soem subscribers its a moot point anyway ^_^
More soon!Please, Enjoy!